Synchronization Mechanism: Completion

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1 Completions Introduction

In the case some activity is initiated outside of the current thread, and then waiting for that activity to complete, it can be tempting to use a semaphore for synchronization of the two tasks, but it not the best solution in this situation, completions are a lightweight mechanism to allow one thread to tell another that the job is done.

on one side, creating and waiting for the a completiong by calling:

struct completion test_completion;

othe the other side, the actual completion event may be signalled by calling one of the following:


2 Completion Inplementation

The implementation of completion is based on the wait queue, when wait_ for_ completion is called, current task will be delete from the running _task _list, so current task can't be scheduled by scheduler, when some other task called complete() to signall the waiting event is completed, the task will be put back into the running_ task _list, and it will be schedule in next schedule cycle. the process as following figure showed.


Figure 1: The Implementation of Completion

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