Linux Driver Code

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1 Virtual Mouse Driver

I wrote a virtual mouse driver to use keyboard to control mouse cursor.

  • Ctr+Alt+p: move cursor upward
  • Ctr+Alt+n: move cursor down
  • Ctr+Alt+b: move cursor left
  • Ctr+Alt+f: move cursor right
  • Ctr+Alt+Space: left mouse button clicked
  • Ctr+Alt+m: right mouse button clicked
  • Alt+u: wheel scroll up
  • Alt+v: Wheel scroll down
  • Capslock: lock speed

virtual mouse driver code

2 A simple file system: qfs

qfs is a simple file system just has one file.

qfs code

3 A stackable file system: maskfs

maskfs is modified from ecryptfs, I used it to mask all files in a directory, and want to say: what you saw is not necessarily true.

maskfs code

Date: 2012-11-01 四

Author: Yanqing Li

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