Linux USB Driver

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1 USB Architecture

USB is a master-slave protocol where a host controller communicates with client devices. the following figure shows USB in the PC evironment. The USB host controller is part of the South Bridge chipset and communicates with the processor over the PCI bus1.


Figure 1: USB Architecture In PC Environment

2 Linux-USB Subsystem

The framework of linux usb subsystem as shown in Figure 2, the constituent pieces of the subsystem are as follows:

1. The USB Core
is a code base consisting of routines and structures available to HCDs and client drivers, the core also provides a level of indirection that renders client drivers independent of host controllers.
2. HCDs
to drive different host controllers, these host controllers include EHCI, OHCI, UHCI, xHCI, etc.
3. Hub Driver
to detect port status changes and configuring hotplugged devices,

there are some difference between kernel v4.* and kernel v3.*, in kernel v3.*, a kthread is used to monitor all ports connected to hub, but in kernel v4.x, which has been replaced by work queue.

4. Device Driver
the device for USB client devices.
5. The USB filesystem usbfs
which let you drive USB devices from user space.


Figure 2: Linux USB Subsystem

The initialization process of usb subsystem as shown in Figure 3, a generic device driver will be registered, the driver will be bind to a device when a usb device is detected:


Figure 3: The Process of USB Subsystem Initialization and USB Plug-In

3 USB Host Controller Driver

The USB host controller driver driectly operate the hardware controller to communicate with usb device, here take xHCI as example to show the relationship between each layer:


Figure 4: USB Host Controller Driver

When a new usb device plugged in a port, hub will report the plug-in event to host controller driver, the usb subsystem will get the interface descriptor from it, and a usb_interface object will be allocated for each interface, and it will be bind to a interface driver.


Figure 5: The Process of USB Device Plug-In

4 Struct Relationship

The relationship between structs are as following figure showed:


Figure 6: Struct Relationship

5 USB Gadget Driver


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