Windows WDF Driver Debug With WinDbg

Table of Contents

1 Add a Serial Port For VMWare

  • "Add" -> "Serial Port" -> "Output to namedpipe", the pipe named "\\.\pipe\com1"
  • select "This end is server"
  • and "The other end is an application"

2 Config host

  • add "-b -k com:pipe,port=\\.\pipe\com1,resets=0" in the setting of windbg shortkey

3 Config target system(windows 7) in VMWare

  • after start windows 7 in VMWare, modify port name "COM1" to "COM2", because the port name in VMWare is COM2
  • run cmd.exe as administrator
  • run "bcdedit /copy {current} /d "Vista Debug" to get a GUID
  • run “bcdedit /debug {The GUID Value} ON” to start debug function
  • and run "bcdedit /dbgsettings SERIAL DEBUGPORT:1 BAUDRATE:115200" to config baudrate

4 Start Debug

  • run windbg in host computer
  • "File" -> "Symbol Search Path" to add the path to *.pdb of your driver
  • "File" -> "Source Search Path" to select driver source file path
  • run "Ctrl+Break" or "Debug"->"Break" to connect to target system, and make the system in stop state
  • input .reload to load module and symbol file
  • use "lm l" list the symble file has been loaded
  • “File" -> "Open Source File" to open source file, and bp or "F9" to set break point
  • input G to make target continue to run
  • run driver test application in target system
  • the color of break line will changed from red to pink
  • and run P to debug driver step by step.

Date: 2012-07-01 日

Author: Yannik Li

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